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Private Residential Patrols

Patrol services:


Our private patrols are performed by professional licenced officers (licenced by the SIA).

Dedicated offers are employed to regularly attend and inspect various properties, in order to prevent crime and when necessary, detect and eliminate criminal activity.

Should we discover an offence being committed, our officers are fully trained in their powers to detain and contact the police for assistance.

We are not a substitute for the police service but rather an additional service, who will inevitably attend first and seamlessly aid the process.

We have three levels of service available for you to subscribe to, which are summarised here –>

Private Residential Patrols:


Patrol package | £35.00 per week

  • Dedicated regular patrols provided by a professional security officer, where we attend and inspect your property.
  • Option of a welfare check on a vulnerable occupant upon request.
  • Trained officers aimed at preventing and detecting crime, licensed and registered by the Security Industry Authority.

Patrol + Response package | £59.00 per week

Provides the same benefits of PATROL PLUS:

  • Increased patrols, day and night.
  • Holiday service (twice yearly): an increase in patrols to check unoccupied premises.
  • 24hr response line: additional attendance of a response officer if required.

Patrol + Response + Protect | £79.00 per week

Provides the same benefits of PATROL + RESPONSE PLUS:

  • Property survey and report: qualified investigator to attend your property and prepare a comprehensive report, highlighting vulnerabilities.
  • Record and register your assets, including property marking with traceable liquids.
  • Investigative support: if you are a victim of crime, we provide investigative support to supplement a police investigation.
  • Support referral for persons affected by crime.

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